Designing an online shop for a food product and subscription service for new moms.

The Challenge

ShyMama is an up and coming new line of lactation granolas and pre-packaged smoothie bowls  aimed at aiding in milk-production, available for one time purchase, as well as a subscription service, for nursing moms. The challenge was to design an online shopping platform that would help with customer acquisition and retention. I needed to get to the bottom of what motivates their ideal client and build a site just for them.

The Process

I interviewed and surveyed as many new moms struggling with nursing and low milk-production as I could to understand what they think, feel, and need. I put together empathy maps based on their feedback and then crafted “How Might We” questions, in order to address the best way to design for their unique needs.

The Persona

Based upon the survey and interview results, I was able to hone in on our ideal persona and how to design for her. There were some very clear motivations and pain points that arose from the research and that really helped define ShyMama’s customer.

The Journey

In order to ensure that the user had a smooth journey and positive user experience, I created a customer journey map. This allowed me to  map their way through the process and see how they would be thinking and feeling, and at which interaction points we could help the user by addressing their worries, pains and needs.

The Wireframes

The website needed to be fully responsive with a focus on making the mobile side as user-friendly as possible, since many of our users would be accessing the site from mobile devices, with one free hand to scroll through while holding their baby in the other.

The Style Guide

Feminine, clean, and eye-catching were the focus of the style guidelines.

The Result

The result is a fully responsive online shopping experience, with an easy to navigate checkout and scheduling process.